Saturday Academy






Dates TBA


Monterey Peninsula Unified School District presents Saturday Academy where your child receives  extended learning opportunities  while allowing them to make-up missed days of attendance!


Missed days of school also result in lost revenue to our district. “Saturday Academy” allows us to recover your child’s lost learning as  well as lost funding in a positive and engaging way!

It’s a Win-Win!


Important Facts about Saturday Academy 

  • Saturday Academy is NOT a punishment, but an opportunity to receive additional instructional time and/or enrichment
  • Attending ONE session will recover ONE FULL day absence
  • Excused and unexcused absences can be recovered
  • Suspensions are the ONLY absence that can NOT be recovered
  • NON- TRUANT students NEED parent permission to attend
  • TRUANT student CAN be mandated to attend by an administrator
  • Saturday Academy is a great opportunity for those students that are headed down the SARB path – may prevent the next letter!
  • Attending the Saturday Academies will improve student’s attendance & students may be eligible for perfect attendance
  • Absences MUST occur before the session, NO banking
  • Tardies & “early outs” cannot be made up via Saturday Academy
  • Students can attend any of the scheduled sessions

How to Sign-Up

  • Look out and Listen for your students Saturday Academy announcements and/or permission slips
  • Pick up a permission slip in the main office and return to the main office
  • If your student forgot or misplaced their permission slip, extra ones will be available at the school office