Principal's Message


Green Machine Families,

Today is the last day of the school year and I am incredibly thankful to be a part of our awesome school community and family.  As we enter into the Summer season, I hope that we all get an opportunity to reflect on this school year and find ways to celebrate the hard work that our students, staff and parents put into the success of our school.  

There is no doubt that the past sixteen months have been unlike anything we have experienced in education, and the manner in which our students, staff and families had to adapt was herculean.  Despite all of the challenges and unique obstacles, we persevered, culminating in a graduation ceremony on Tuesday that was one to remember.  

I want to thank you for your commitment to our school and students; I want to thank you for your support of our faculty and staff; I want to thank you for your support of me and your patience and flexibility.  I have no doubt that we got better together this year. We gained skills and discovered innovative ways to reach our students that even though we will thankfully be returning to campus in the Fall, will be utilized to maximize opportunities for our students in the future.  

My call for us this Summer is to reflect, rejuvenate, and remember what we endured to better appreciate the gifts of what we have in one another and this community.  As we continue to build into a world class school that capitalizes on the richness of our diversity of culture, thought, background and talents, I hope we can keep our faces and eyes set toward creating a school home that gives every student the opportunity succeed, the programs that will take them there, and the relational community to walk with them every step of the way. 

Have a wonderful Summer Dores!  We will see you in August!


Tom Newton

Head of School

Monterey High School


Tom Newton



Xavier Rodriguez

Assistant Principal


Chelsea Warner

Assistant Principal


            (From Left to Right: Xavier Rodriguez, Assistant Principal, Tom Newton, Principal, and Chelsea Warner, Assistant Principal)
Phone: 831-392-3801
Joyce Morrison
Principal's Secretary
Julie Gonzales
School Office Supervisor