Principal's Message

Green Machine Families,

In light of recent events regarding social media posts in neighboring communities that have been offensive and inflammatory, I want to remind our incredible school community how crucial it is that we keep what is most important and most valuable front and center - and those are our relationships.  

We are the most diverse school in Monterey County. We have families who come from every socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, ideological and ethnic background, and this diversity is what makes our unique campus the best on the Peninsula. We have not been immune to irresponsible social media posts from within our community before; however we must emphasize, now more than ever, the necessity of the love and care that we can and should give one another as we emerge from difficult times.  

Additionally, it is important to note the added responsibility that our students involved in extracurricular activities carry with them as they go about their pursuits. Whether in a club, sport, internship, whatever it may be, they carry our school and your family’s name with them. We send them off to represent us in other communities, and we require them to conduct themselves in the best ways possible.  

Extracurricular activities are the front porch of our school home, meaning they are highly visible and are often the only impression others get of Monterey HIgh School. It is absolutely critical that they carry our flag well, represent us and your family to the best of their ability, and leave other communities better than when they arrived.  

Please join me in creating a school environment that fosters this type of ideal for all students.  We will not tolerate division and hatred, but must press forward knowing we carry the responsibilities and hopes of being part of the Green Machine wherever we go.  

I look forward to continuing our trajectory upward toward being the best high school option for all students, public or private, in Monterey County.

Tom Newton

Head of School

Monterey High School

IB World School MYP/DP


Tom Newton



Xavier Rodriguez

Assistant Principal


Chelsea Warner

Assistant Principal


            (From Left to Right: Xavier Rodriguez, Assistant Principal, Tom Newton, Principal, and Chelsea Warner, Assistant Principal)
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Principal's Secretary
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