Dual Enrollment

MPC Dual Enrollment Courses (2019-2020)

Computer Science and Information Systems 1: This course offers an examination of information systems and their role in business. Focus is on information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, computer systems hardware, and software components. Application of these concepts and methods is achieved through hands-on projects developing computer-based solutions to business problems.


Early Childhood Education (ECED) 55 - Child, Family, and Community: This course examines the developing child in a societal context, focusing on the interrelationship of family, school, and community and emphasizes historical and socio-cultural factors. The processes of socialization and identity development are highlighted, showing the importance of respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families.


English 1A: This is an introductory course that offers instruction in expository and argumentative writing, appropriate and effective use of language, close reading, cogent thinking, research strategies, information literacy, and documentation. WRITING REQUIREMENT: A minimum of 8,000 words formal writing.


Theater 1: This course focuses on the relationship of theatre to various cultures throughout history, and on the contributions of significant individual artists. This course introduces students to elements of the production process including playwriting, acting, directing, design, and criticism. Students will also survey different periods, styles, and genres of theatre through play-reading, discussion, films, and viewing and critiquing live theatre, including required attendance of theatre productions.


Theater 77: This intensive and interactive course provides solutions to acting, singing, dancing, or movement problems in a musical production through consultation and research.

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