Deep Space Robotics Team Graphic
Robotics First 2019 Championship in Houston, TX
April 17-20, 2019

The Robodores spent 5 days in Texas to compete at the World Championships and visit the Houston Space Center. The Robodores competed in the Carver Field at Houston, and after two full days of qualification matches finished 34th out of 68 teams. Throughout the two days, the team encountered several challenges. We broke, repaired and competed in all qualifying events but weren't picked for the elimination matches. The team was diligent and worked hard through every issue encountered.


Robodores in competition


The Robodores visited the Johnson Space Center during their stay in Texas. Students explored opportunities to become involved with the exciting field of aerospace engineering and the Department of Defense. Visiting the different rockets that have brought humans to and from space and the historic mission control center that took the first humans to the moon was an unforgettable experience. A number of members on the team were awed when they first walked in and saw the Saturn V rocket, wondering how it was possible for humans to build something of that size and scale and manage to launch it into space.


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