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Diploma Programme

What is the IB Diploma Programme?
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is an internationally recognized diploma program, offering rigorous, challenging, and advanced academic curriculum, while also developing students into community leaders and global citizen in the 21st century. 
  • Comprehensive, engaging, and balanced college-preparatory program for grades 11 and 12
  • Internationally recognized diploma
  • Offered in 4,900 schools worldwide, over 145 countries
  • Provides flexibility to accommodate student interest and abilities
  • Challenges students to not only exercise strengths, but also develop in areas where they may feel less confident
  • Globally recognized with internationalism as the integral theme
  • Recognized as a standard for college admissions
  • IB students are generally better prepared and outperform other students in college
  • Students take all their classes at the IB level, which carries weight (like AP classes)
  • Students who successfully complete the program may achieve the IB Diploma, which is an international qualification, and may earn enough credits to start college as sophomores!
  • Sense of preparedness, self-confidence, college-level research skills, and the willingness to be actively engaged in their own learning
IB Diploma Programme Requirements & Course of Study
All IB DP candidates must: 
1. Take six IB Courses: one from each "group" - Language A, Language B, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and 1 elective OR another Group 1-5 course.
  • Successfully complete a combination of 4 Higher Level (HL) courses AND 2 Standard Level (SL) courses across the 6 groups, or
  • Successfully complete a combination of 3 Higher Level (HL) courses AND 3 Standard Level (SL) courses across the 6 groups
  Subject Group: Course: Level(s):
Group 1 Language A Language and Literature   HL
Group 2 Language B
French ab initio (SL)
Spanish (SL/HL)
Group 3 Individuals and Societies History of the Americas HL
Group 4 Experimental Sciences
Biology (HL)
Chemistry (HL)
Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
Group 5 Mathematics
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
Group 6 The Arts/Electives
Psychology (HL)* (Fall 2020)
Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SL)
Theatre (HL)* (Fall 2020)
Visual Arts (SL)
2. Successfully complete the DP Core: 
DP Core Requirements
Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
a course that integrates the 6 subject groups through common inquiry and reflection on the nature of truth and worldwide cultural shifts
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)
take part in experiences and a project to develop self-confidence and to become more well-rounded
Extended Essay (EE) 
an independent, self-directed 4,000 word academic research paper on topic of interest
3. Students must NOT have any academic misconduct such as cheating, plagiarism, etc.
IB Diploma Programme FAQs
Q. Can I be a full IB diploma candidate and still be a member of ROTC, Band, or Leadership?
A. Yes. The MHS administration and DP Leadership are developing a flexible schedule model that allows you to do both.
Q. Is it possible for an IB diploma candidate to maintain their academy affiliation?
A. Yes. The course offerings have been selected with the AMP, MAOS, & SPARC academies in mind and all academy directors have been involved in the IB DP planning process.
Q. Is it possible to take Diploma Programme courses and not attempt the full diploma?
A. Yes. Students are encouraged to discuss their interests and strengths with their counselor when scheduling classes for the next school year in late January or early February of their sophomore year. 
IB Diploma Programme Application
Please submit applications for the 2020-2021 school year by December 20, 2019
To apply, please join the Prospective DP Candidates C/O 2022 Google Classroom
(class code: 7sg8p0) to complete and submit your application.  
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Elizabeth Desimone
Diploma Program (DP) Coordinator
Jennifer Gorman
Extended Essay (EE) Coordinator
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Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Coordinator