Diploma Programme

Why the IB Diploma Programme?
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is an internationally recognized 2-year diploma program students can apply to take in their junior and senior year of high school. Diploma Programme (DP) students not only are required to take high level, in depth, rigorous courses, they also have the opportunity to contribute to the the local community (through the Creativity, Activity, Service requirement) as well as construct a college level research paper (through the Extended Essay). The DP programme promotes well rounded students, not just academically, but socially as well.   
Student Benefits
  • Provides a rigorous and well rounded education
  • Allows more flexibility in student scores (you don't have to be perfect in every class)
University Benefits
  • Acceptance rates are up to 22% higher for students with an IB Diploma and up to 13% higher for IVY League Schools
  • College graduation rates are higher within the IB Diploma than without. For public colleges, the 4-year graduation rate is about 33%, with an IB Diploma that jumps to 84%
  • Certain schools offer more credit for an IB Diploma (UCs give 20 semester units for successful completion of the diploma and a score of greater than 30)
  • IB courses count for college credit (depending on course score, university, and major)
IB Diploma Programme Requirements & Course of Study
All IB DP candidates must: 
1. Take six (6) IB courses: one from each "group" - Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, and one (1) Arts/Electives OR another Group 1-5 course:
  • Successfully complete a combination of 4 Higher Level (HL) courses AND 2 Standard Level (SL) courses across the 6 groups, or
  • Successfully complete a combination of 3 Higher Level (HL) courses AND 3 Standard Level (SL) courses across the 6 groups
  Subject Group: Course: Level(s):
Group 1 Language and Literature: Language A Language and Literature HL
Group 2
Language Acquisition: Language B 
or Language ab initio
Spanish (SL/HL)
Japanese (SL)
French ab initio (SL)
Group 3 Individuals and Societies
History of the Americas - HOTA
Group 4 The Sciences
Biology (HL)
Chemistry (HL)
Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
Group 5 Mathematics
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
Applications and Interpretations (SL)
Group 6
The Arts
Group 1-5 Elective
The Arts:
Theatre (HL)
Visual Arts (SL)
Dance (SL)
Group 1-5 Elective
Psychology (HL), Individuals and Societies
Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SL),
The Sciences
2. Successfully complete the DP Core: 
DP Core Requirements
a course that integrates the 6 subject groups through common inquiry and reflection on the nature of truth and worldwide cultural shifts
take part in experiences and a project to develop self-confidence and to become more well-rounded
an independent, self-directed (up to 4,000 word) academic research paper on topic of interest in an approved DP subject area
3. Students must NOT have any academic misconduct such as cheating, plagiarism, etc.
IB Diploma Programme FAQs
Q. Can I be a full IB diploma candidate and still be a member of ROTC, Band, or Leadership?
A. Yes. The MHS administration and DP Leadership are developing a flexible schedule model that allows you to do both.
Q. Is it possible for an IB diploma candidate to maintain their academy affiliation?
A. Yes. The course offerings have been selected with the AMP, MAOS, & SPARC academies in mind and all academy directors have been involved in the IB DP planning process.
Q. Is it possible to take Diploma Programme courses and not attempt the full diploma?
A. Yes. Students are encouraged to discuss their interests and strengths with their counselor when scheduling classes for the next school year in late January or early February of their sophomore year. 
2024 DP Testing Calendar