Art, Media, and Performance Academy 

The Art, Media, and Performance Academy (AMP) is a small school-within-a-school emphasizing visual, media, and performing arts professional training. The Academy provides an integrated education for high school students from diverse backgrounds. Through rigorous academic inquiry, collaborative learning, and professionally guided arts training, the AMP. Academy cultivates 21st century citizens, blending intellectual curiosity and academics with artistic discipline that prepares students for college and career.

Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science

The Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science (MAOS) located at Monterey High School, prepares public high school students from throughout Monterey County for academic and career success. This is accomplished through a challenging curriculum enhanced by collaboration with the many marine related academic programs, research organizations and businesses in the area. Students achieve success through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to science and technology, with an emphasis on real-world problems, contact with oceanographic experts, hands-on science labs, field studies, and internships.

Sports Professions and Recreation Careers Academy

The Sports Professions and Recreation Careers Academy (SPARC) is a California Partnership Academy within Monterey High School. The SPARC Academy is funded by a State grant and is designed for students with an interest in pursuing a career in sports, sports medicine or recreation related fields. The mission of the academy is to provide students with a college preparatory education that is both challenging and relevant to their area of interest. We attempt to reach out to at risk-students who might not otherwise have access to higher education directly out of high school and require accountability for student success. We also have alliances with and receive in kind funds from business and community members for the purpose of providing students with a foundation from which they can achieve their future academic and professional goals.