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Art, Media, and Performance Academy (AMP)

The Art, Media, and Performance Academy (AMP) is a small school-within-a-school emphasizing visual, media, and performing arts professional training. The Academy provides an integrated education for high school students from diverse backgrounds. Through rigorous academic inquiry, collaborative learning, and professionally guided arts training, the AMP
Academy cultivates 21st century citizens, blending intellectual curiosity and academics with
artistic discipline that prepares students for college and career.
Visual Arts:
When our students take art classes within AMP they learn skills in multiple art fields. Students interested in visual art may explore the arts through several different mediums, including 3D, 2D, and digital media. These experiences will prove useful in every students' future endeavors, whether they decide to pursue a profession in the arts or elsewhere.
Performing Arts:
When students take performing arts classes with AMP academy they will have the chance to participate in performances and entertainment at Monterey High School. They will also have opportunities to watch several shows and performances on AMP field trips. These experiences will help students discover different performing techniques. The courses will help students seek to accomplish their career in the performing arts.
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AMP Team
Richee Stubblefield
AMP and Alpha Md-Z Counselor

Martha Tonkin
Digital Media Teacher

Lauren McMercury
Art Teacher
Maggie Albers
Science Teacher
Nicholaus Bourgeios
Individuals & Societies Teacher

Alicia Welch
Drama & English Teacher